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Pathology Services

We provide diagnostic pathology services for exotic pets, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and non-domestic mammals (except for non-human primates), with emphasis on histopathology and immunohistochemistry.


Our mail-in biopsy service provides a report with complete microscopic evaluation, histological diagnosis, comment and color photo of interesting pathology for each submission.

Necropsy in a Jar

  • Complete examination with:
  • » Microscopic evaluation and diagnosis
  • » Digital photographic documentation
  • » Final report
  • » Supportive laboratory testing (i.e, special stains,
  • » immunohistochemistry, PCR when needed)

Aquatic Pathology (Diagnostic and Research)

We provide diagnostic and research pathology services for fish and marine invertebrates. We work with a wide variety of fish ranging from ornamental to research in aquaculture health. Please contact for more information.

Forensic Pathology

We work closely with law enforcement and animal control officers to investigate animal cruelty and other veterinary forensic cases. A forensic necropsy is performed to assist with investigations involving animals as victims of criminal offenses of animal abuse, neglect, cruelty, fighting and death. We collaborate with other forensic scientists, veterinarians, legal consultants, law enforcement and other pathologists.


In the Seattle area, we can perform necropsies at your clinic. For cases outside of Seattle, please call to inquire.


We try to provide a resource for disseminating information on zoo, wildlife, exotic, avian, and fish pathology to veterinary students at all levels through university visits, case presentations, scientific reports, and distance education. We also travel throughout Seattle, King and Snohomish Counties to high schools to educate students on this fascinating area of veterinary medicine.